Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Hello from Bootcamp!!!

Man, I never thought I'd be this excited for laundry day... 

Hey everyone! Thank you SO much for your letters, I would've responded to them sooner but I just have no time in between classes to write letters. About that, we have 3 or 6 hours of class and about 3-4 hours of study every day, so it's really intense. It's been hard, but not overwhelming. Sunday was really cool, we had a guy speak to us and the spirit was so strong you could've cut it with a knife, and right after it we watched a pre-recorded talk by elder bednar and the spirit was even stronger in there. I'm so grateful for this experience to be able to spend my whole day focused on the Lord. I actually have more sisters in my zone than elders. there are two districts in my zone, and 2 companionships of elders in each, and 3 companionships of sisters in the other district and 2 in mine, but one has three sisters in it. Each companionship is going to the same mission, however different companionships are going to different missions, my companion and I and another set of elders and a set of sisters are going to Reno, but we have people going to upstate new york, california irvine, washington state, salt lake east (which actually covers half of wyoming, so it's not as bad as people think.) Every day I'm here I just get more and more excited about getting to the field and teaching. The first day I was here they told me that the Lord teaches his missionaries through role-playing and that his spirit will give you the words to say, I found that couldn't be more true. I've found that I'm absolute garbage at teaching unless I have a plan beforehand. I remember the advice that brother Seaman gave me before I left, he told me to figure out what I was good at and focus on doing that really well and then the rest will be easier to fix. While I may not be too good at teaching I've found that It's really easy for me to bear my testimony of the things that I'm teaching. After a few days of doing that, I felt the spirit guiding me while I was planning and then while I was teaching. It was such an awesome experience!!! It only strengthened my testimony that I am on the Lord's errand and because I am His servant I will be supported in all things. I feel like I learned more the last week than the first 15 years of my life! (spiritually of course) my branch president taught us the proper usage of the word y'all, so, I love and miss all y'all and each y'all!! KEEP SENDING ME LETTERS!!! IT'S AWESOME!!!!! I almost understand what elder Van Pelt and elder Johnson from the best two years feel like... my address is this:

Elder Steven Richard Stotts
2005 N 900 E Unit  53
Provo UT 84602

Sorry I don't have any pictures... I couldn't figure out how to upload them on the mtc computers...

Luckily Amber got to see Elder Stotts and his companion, Elder Hadley, today while she was at work and snapped a picture (Shh....don't tell anyone)

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