Monday, June 6, 2016

May 30, 2016

Hello everyone! Another week gone by and another week full of miracles but not in the way you'd expect. We had on average about 4 lessons set up every day this week, and, I kid you not, all but 3 fell through...  We had a week set up with at least 20 lessons, things were looking great, our area is kinda known as a tougher area so we were really excited to be getting this much work to do. Day after day things just kept falling through. We ended the week with the lowest amount of lessons of both our missions. Jacob's mom was sick on Sunday so neither of them were there. Despite all this, we had a miracle on Saturday. We talked to this guy in his 20's who just moved into the apartment complex next to ours (we live out of area) he was interested!Right after that a lady pulled up next to us in her car and asked if we could come study with her... for anyone who doesn't know what that means to missionaries, Imagine if some guy came up to you while you were taking a walk and just handed you a gold bar and then just walked away... That's basically how it feels. That is why we call them "golden" investigators. It was awesome that we found them, but we won't be teaching either of them because neither of them live in our area... but that's okay... I'll survive...

Don't think we weren't working hard, we just received the blessings from our hard work in a way that we didn't think we would. It's funny how that happens sometimes. You think you need something a certain way, and you work hard to get it, but God knows better. It really strengthened my faith that God know best, and that when we turn everything to Him, He will give you what's best.

Until next week!

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