Monday, May 23, 2016

May 23, 2016


Elder Corry and Elder Stotts

Elder Day (1st comp.) and Elder Stotts
So, we had zone conference this week... It was elder Corry's last one so he gave his final testimony. We had one of President Chesnut's good friends come and give a training, on "Be a Book of Mormon Missionary", The gist is focus on the Book of Mormon, because if it's true, then everything else about the church follows it. It really pumped me up and was overall a fantastic training. We also were trained on not being overbearing. We talk to everyone, but we aren't as persistent if they aren't interested. I'm luck I got it at the beginning of my mission rather than the end. A lot of the more experienced missionaries had been taught their whole missions to be as persistent as possible. The guy from salt lake who taught all the leaders this told them that this is kinda the "Higher Law" of missionary work. So that's pretty cool. other than that, we had exchanges with the zone leaders this week, I was with Elder Ash in the YSA ward, while Elder Corry stayed in our area with elder Lyman. It was awesome getting to teach younger people who were so excited about the gospel. We taught someone who was at almost every level of conversion. There was a recent convert we were teaching about and helping him prepare for the Priesthood, there was a guy who had just received the priesthood, a guy who had a baptismal date, and someone who was just starting to take the lessons. It was super cool. As for our own area, we had another lesson with Dave, He still loves meeting with us, But we feel until he comes to church there isn't going to be any more progression All prayers will be greatly appreciated (:

Jacob came to church again! That's three times in a row! He can get baptized now! Although I would prefer it if he and his mom kept coming.

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