Wednesday, April 6, 2016

April 4, 2016

How's it going everyone? I hope you had as wonderful a conference weekend as I did. I can't decide which talk was my favorite, but it's between President Uchtdorf's or president Nelson's priesthood session addresses. It's so different watching conference now that I'm a missionary. One thing that I learned was how to better forget myself and how to truly put my all into the work. It's amazing how you can learn something that is never said during general conference. 
Anna's car was stolen the other day and her social security card was in there, and so the lesson we were going to have with her last Tuesday was cancelled. I sincerely hope that this experience drives her to her knees and increases her faith rather than detracts from it. She told us to pray for her, which we definitely will, so it seems like she's taking it good thus far. We are also planning on setting two of our other investigators, B and his wife, with baptismal dates. He found a book of Mormon in a Marriott hotel and wanted to steal it, but he was forbidden by his wife. (we chuckled at that :) He then talked to one of his Mormon friends and he was referred to us to give him one. He has read everything we gave him and has read through Mormon in the Book of Mormon. He works in Winnamucca during the week so we can only see him on Saturdays, but every night he calls his family and reads to them from the Book of Mormon over the phone. Hopefully he's as gold as he seems. the one issue we run into with him though is that he loves to talk, and to make it worse, he's really good at it, and so we struggle to teach much of a lesson each time we go, but lately (thanks mostly to the resolve of Elder Corry) we are starting to make progress. We're going to try to get them to church for stake conference this Sunday.

I finished the Book of Mormon for either the 10th or 11th time the other day. With spending just about 35-40 minutes on it a day I was able to read it in just under 2 and 1/2 months. Upon doing so, I was thinking more upon the importance of the Book of Mormon in our lives. I realized that the Book of Mormon should be far more important to us than we usually see it as. It's just so rich and you can dig so deep into just a verse or two. The prophet Joseph Smith wasn't lying when he said that a man can get closer to God than by any other book. The Book of Mormon is powerful. So powerful that the word powerful isn't powerful enough to describe just how powerful it is. Not only is it just good to bring us closer to God, but it is the convincing evidence that Joseph Smith and every one of his successors are true prophets of God, and that this church is God's kingdom on the earth. When one truly knows this simple truth, that the Book of Mormon is true, you then can know that God is real, that God knows you, and that He has provided a way for us to return to live with Him again, and all other plain and so very precious truths taught therein are indeed, truth. Read the Book of Mormon, it will bring you more happiness than anything else. I know that it will.

Until next week! Stay righteous!

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