Wednesday, April 6, 2016

March 28, 2016

Hello everyone! Happy Easter! I hope you're having a great day today! biggest thing that happened this week? It's still happening, IT's SNOWING!!! dang this high desert life is weird yesterday was so nice and today we woke up to snow! and not just a little bit, like 8 inches, and still piling up! I can handle the extremes, but it's weird having them in the same week. And of course my parents are enduring the heat of Miami right now. The world is so wack right now...

First week with Elder Corry! I found out that I was relying waaayyy to much on elder Day's knowledge of the area... so yeah that's been an adventure, and our miles are pretty wrecked... but on the other hand, elder Corry is a super experience missionary, he goes home in July and he's coming up from Carson City where he was a zone leader. Now he's a district leader, so that means I get to go on exchanges with the zone leaders here! in just one week we made a program to help the wards get excited about missionary work, and despite the short notice all the ward leaders loved it! 
Here's the program: it's called "April Showers" when the members sign up on our dinner calendar, they fast on that day that they will be able to find someone to visit with the missionaries, and when the dinner appointment comes, they break their fast and tell us who they could find for the missionaries. 
The mission had a lot of success with this program last year so we thought we could try this again. So far, everyone's pumped!!

I don't think I mentioned this but everyone's super rich in our area, like Mercedes', BMW's, Audi's and Range Rovers are almost more common than the regular Toyota's and Honda's and such. We even saw this super cool "Alfa Romero" just sitting on the side of the road! I'm pretty sure it's worth more than a million dollars...

 (I'd send pictures but I'm pretty sure my camera's busted so I'll try to get elder corry to send them to me) I'm pretty sure it's all the rich people from San Francisco coming over because housing prices are cheaper here (they're still not cheap, trust me take one look at the houses here and you'd agree with me) Elder Corry was just blown away, he started his mission in Sun Valley, the 2nd (formerly 1st) biggest trailer park  in the world, and the most released convicts per ca pita, and now he's here...
With this easter season I've been thinking a lot about the atonement. We went to give this less active Man a blessing to help him stop smoking, I love that the atonement isn't just for sins, but it can also help us overcome addictions, pains, emotional or physical, and even just our little mistakes. I hope all of you choose to take advantage of this wonderful gift. As a missionary, I have the opportunity to help people to repent and become whole again. As I daily repent of my own sins, I gain a greater appreciation for the atonement, and thus a more fervent drive to share it with others. I hope all of y'all do the same!

Until next week!

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