Monday, November 21, 2016

November 21, 2016

Hello Everyone! So Elder Carpenter's birthday is actually on thanksgiving, so y'all should send him something! Other than that, We had 3 lessons set up for friday, and all of them fell through... one of them, their kids were throwing up, another, he was throwing up, and the third one had a baby! So they all had pretty legit reasons for cancelling. We met this one guy on exchanges, Lenn, he grew up going to religious private schools, and through some bad experiences has grown to distrust organized religion, but he's moving to Utah in May. Almost all of his friends are LDS, and he doesn't know too much about the church, and so in order to understand his neighbors better, he invited us over to teach him a little. We had a really awesome lesson in which we dispelled many of his concerns, we invited him to hear the rest of the lessons and he accepted! So we may just be preparing him and his family for future missionaries, especially since he is going to get his son involved in scouting when he get's to Utah. We also got in contact with Larry, a guy who owns a karate dojo and so he is super busy, but he is super prepared and knows everything we teach him is true. Clara does barrel racing which has made her very busy, but her last rodeo was yesterday, so that means she'll have more time to meet with us now.

That's an update of my life this week! I'm sorry I forgot my camera today, so no pictures ):

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