Monday, February 29, 2016

February 29, 2016

Hello Everyone! How's it going today? This week was pretty awesome for me. I was able to go to my first zone conference, and I can say that it was the most spiritual experience I've had on my mission. I'm just glad that I've got like 8 more to go, and I heard that it only gets better as you go on. So yeah, you could say I'm excited.
So do you remember I told you about that one girl who was getting baptized last Saturday? Well, her parents decided that she should wait a little bit, just to make sure it was what she wanted to do... If only she was eighteen... but she'll get baptized eventually, she referred herself on so yeah, it's what she wants to do.

At zone conference President Chesnut told us about the 5 expectations he has for all the missionaries:

1. Be exactly obedient
2. At least 1 new investigator a week
3. At least 1 person at church a week
4. At least 1 person with a baptismal date at all times
5. Exceed these expectations

He then told us to write down 5 expectations we have for our missions. Mine were:

1. Always be focused on the work
2. To  come home exhausted every night
4. Gain a stronger testimony of the Savior and the restoration

Who wouldn't expect this?

5. Learn to Look beyond myself more.

I'm not saying I have a pride issue, but I want to pattern my life after the Savior, which I feel is a good thing.

I want everyone who reads this to send me their five expectations they have for my mission. What do YOU expect of me?

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