Monday, March 21, 2016

March 7 (but didn't send until March 14!)

Sorry for missing last week, I wrote this email but somehow I forgot to send it...

Hello Everyone! How is it in the real world? Things have been just marvelous here in Reno. We just got our first spring rain this week. The mountains block some of the clouds from getting into the valley and it looks awesome, I took a picture, hopefully it turns out. I was blown away by how awesome it looked. I was also almost blown away by the wind, it's super strong here. Well everything else during the week was really awesome! On Thursday Elder Day decided that I should lead the planning session... I didn't really know how to do it. You have to consider who's home at each time, when are the good times to street contact and tract, how many miles we'll use (we have about 28 miles a day in our car) what time and day works best for each person we want to go see blah blah blah... it hurt my brain trying to figure it all out... but I did feel that we should go down to this one area where we had met this super interested lady the other day. it wasn't much, sorta just a "hey, this is a place, let's go there" kinda thought. So on Friday we went according to the plan, talked to a few people we haven't seen in a while. And then eventually we reached the part of the day where we planned to go to that one place, it's called Curti Ranch, when we went there I had a thought that we should go down this one road, it was a "hey there's a road, let's go down there" kinda thought. It turned out to be our investigator Anna's road. we were able to talk to her and her friend, they were there getting ready for prom and for whatever reason her parents weren't there. That was a good thing because her parents were being a little slow to get on board with the whole "their daughter wants to get baptized" thing, so we were able to avoid any akward conversations. But don't worry we kept all the rules. but I think that if we hadn't gone down there and talked with her she probably wouldn't have come to church yesterday! so of course those thoughts I had were impressions from the Spirit! Being a missionary is so awesome!! 

Hey so I noticed that my 3rd expectation wasn't there so here they are again.
1. Always be focused on the work
2. To come home exhausted every night
3. Never let anyone just pass by.
4. Gain a stronger testimony of the Savior and the restoration

Who wouldn't expect this?

5. Learn to Look beyond myself more.

There you go. Now I still want what Y'all are expecting of me pleeeeeaaseee.....

Today I was reading in Alma 32, otherwise known as the Faith chapter. The thought came to me that if faith is like planting and nuturing a seed and it takes a while to be able to eat the fruit of the tree that takes a long time to grow, we need to be patient and diligent to make sure that the tree is as strong and healthy as it can be, and don't let Satan anywhere near it, because he always has an ax on him... just don't let him in...

I love you all!
Elder Stotts with his companion Elder Day

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