Monday, May 23, 2016

April 25, 2016

Hello everyone!
another week gone by and it wasn't quite as fun as last week... but still awesome!
The reason that this week wasn't as good was because Alan, the guy we had an awesome experience with, decided to become Buddhist with his wife, so he dropped us... I have to admit, it was hard on me. I was really excited when we got the text, and then that all turned to sadness. it was tough.

But anyway besides that, Jacob, the 9 year old kid we've been teaching, has a baptismal date set for June 11th, so that's exciting. we also are almost out of miles for the month so we're biking everywhere. And of course once we start biking we get a ton of rainy days, in Nevada... So that's been fun...

We ran into this awesome guy named Shannon, he works on some super expensive lakefront property over in Tahoe. He's also interested in listening to us! Miracles for days! We also were able to have another lesson with Barrie and his son. They're both super solid, we just have to be able to talk. They're huge chatterboxes. But Barrie love the Book of Mormon, and he says he reads it an hour every day. I was a little blown away by that, he's actually reading as much if not more than we are! (because we have to study the book of mormon as well as Preach my gospel everyday) He goes off on the most random but super interesting tangents ever so it's almost impossible to tech him anything. But when his wife's there she kinda reigns him in a bit. they'' get baptized though. She works for the FBI and has a lot of member friends at work. They always try to keep up with where the family is at with the lessons, so hey! we have people keeping us honest!

That's basically the week, some pretty hard lows but I know that when bad things happen, it's only because something better is coming.

Until next week! Stay righteous

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