Monday, May 23, 2016

April 18, 2016

Hey everyone! This week has been amazing, I mean absolutely amazing! Miracle after miracle all in the course of just 2 or 3 days! The last time we met with Anna, her car had been stolen, and her parents are fixed in their minds that they will not let her get baptized until she is 18. they're totally cool with her meeting with us, but no baptism ): but this last lesson, elder Corry promised her that if she kept reading her scriptures, praying and coming to church, that her car would show up some time... and guess what happened... IT DID!!! they found it parked in a super sketchy part of town in a parking lot of a casino. So yeah, she's definitely going to keep coming to church and everything else now!

Next miracle, we got a text from salt lake that said there was someone who wanted to meet with us, but when we went to the address no one was home. I had learned from elder Corry that whenever you see an open garage, you investigate, because an open garage usually means someone's in there. We were on exchanges with the zone leaders so Elder Corry was up north, and the elder I was with started to walk back to the car, but when we walked away from the house I saw a few open garages and had a thought that I should check them out. No one was in them, but we did run into this dude walking a dog, who, lo and behold, was the guy we went to see. He was so happy to see us and it took everything elder Todd and I had to contain our excitement. It turns out his mom and younger brother are going to be baptized on the 23rd and he wants to be baptized as well now! he know almost nothing about the Church let alone Christianity because he is Hmong, and his wife is from Thailand and Buddhist. But the desire is there. His wife is also interested, I feel like it will take longer with her, but it will definitely happen We also set the 9 year old kid we are teaching with a date for the 18th of June. So we could potentially, at the end of this week, have 5 people set with a baptismal date! the work has just exploded! we also invited the Blueians to be baptized, they said that they aren't to that point yet, but if they do get there they would! I know they will get to that point, they're super solid and love having us over. In their own words, "you guys just bring a happy feeling into our home".

April Showers on the other hand has been an utter failure thus far. But I don't think that that is a bad thing at all. We showed the Lord that we had a fervent desire to grow the work in our area by instituting it and working so hard to have it be successful, that He has blessed us with that success in other ways than we were expecting. I know that the reason we are so successful is because of our dedication to the work and trying to find new people to teach. It's not just "ask and ye shall receive" it's, "ask and then work your tail off and then ye shall receive."

Thank you for all the birthday wishes!

Stay righteous y'all!!

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