Monday, May 23, 2016

May 2, 2016

Hello everyone! Elder Stotts survived another transfer! So it looks like I'll be staying here in the south meadows and foothill wards for a little longer. So I still get to see Mercedes, BMW's, and Maserati's (yes even those) every day. It's interesting though, the last two transfers we went on exchanges with the elders in the skyline ward, which is in downtown Reno. If you know anything about Reno, you know about the many homeless/poor people that crowd around the super fancy casinos. There are so many humble people there who are very open to listening to the missionaries. In our area, the cheapest houses are around $200,000, and the most expensive are around $3-4 million. We have a lot of people in our area, but they aren't exactly looking for something better in their lives. So it's a little tough. We were also crunching to meet our mile limit, so we were biking around a lot, and it's also been very rainy as well, perfect timing I know... we were able to talk to more people though, so that was a blessing in disguise! Biking actually was really fun, the only downside is that our area is just a little too big to be an effective biking area, So we had to spend most of our time in the south meadows ward. Sorry foothill... but hey, that's Mission life. So yeah, other than that it's been a rather slow week, mainly just setting up a lot of lessons for this


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