Friday, July 29, 2016

July 11, 2016

Hello everyone! Another wonderful week gone by, another email full of miracles 
Miracle #1: I saw my first Black Widow, but it was dead. We were helping Randy destroy some wasp nests when he saw it. See pic below.
Miracle #2: I don't remember if I told Y'all about Courtney, But whatever. So when we were in Hawthorne last week , Elder Winsor put together a list of people he wanted me to meet before he dies, and then he called them. One of them, Courtney, seemed really excited that we called saying that it was "a perfect time" for us to call her. Elder Winsor taught her a little bit back in February, but her husband was less Happy to see them. But he's out of the picture now, and because of that, Courtney, being a stay at home mom, wasn't really able to get a job to support her 2 kids, and so she might've lost her house. It was in these desperate circumstances that we called her. She came to church two weeks in a row, since she started meeting with us she received support from her family so that she could keep her house, she came to a baptism on Saturday and had a lot of really good questions which shows that she is actually interested and not just respectful!
On a slightly different note, Lizzy's grandma wasn't so excited when she found out that Lizzy would be baptized on the 16th, and kinda put a stop to it. She was Kinda giving her the Cold shoulder for a couple days. From what I've heard, someone offended her and she let that stop her from being active in the church, and now has somewhat of a grudge against it. She Somewhat is now resigned to the fact that Lizzy has a strong testimony of the church and the Book of Mormon, and whether it takes a month for her Grandma to relent, or a year for her to turn 18, she will join the church eventually.

I know that God is mindful of and loves each one of us. During lunches I've been studying the old testament, specifically Daniel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Exodus. Throughout my studies there is a common theme of God pleading with Israel to repent and stay in the path that He know will lead them to the most happiness that we can attain in this life. We can easily substitute Israel for our own names. I know that the most Happiness we can have will be found through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and That even though we may have the hardest day of our life every day, there is one who has descended beneath them all. And that one is Jesus Christ.

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