Friday, July 29, 2016

June 27, 2016

Hello everyone! Another week in paradise, if paradise for you involves small towns, farms, silly goats, and dairy, lots and lots of dairy...

Fallon is a fun town. It doesn't have a lot of chain restaurants, but it does have a Walmart. The tap water has arsenic or some poison that kills you slowly in it, so everyone has a filter or they get those big water jugs delivered every other week and they use the office water dispenser thingy's, I don't know what their called, but they have the red and the blue buttons, you know what I'm talking about right? As for the dairy, we live on a dairy farm and so the smell of cows is omnipresent during studies, planning, and lunch. You get used to it after awhile... ;)

The Fallon 6th ward is a really fun ward to be in. Half the members are Sorenson's and Whitaker's, and all of them are related. There isn't enough Spanish speaking members for a branch, and so they meet in our ward, and there are enough people who are Bilingual to translate. Because of that though, the Spanish sisters also attend our ward, so we see them a lot in coordination meetings and so on.

The Hawthorne ward (which is about an hour drive away) I's a really fun ward to go to. Hawthorne is a tiny little town that is about a mile square. and it has 1,000-2,000 people. Despite it being so small, we have 3 investigators and like 4 solid potential investigators. We Try to go down there once a week to see them. One of our investigators, Lizzie, is a 17 year old girl, and is AWESOME! Her Grandparents are less active and because she lives with them, when the missionaries came to visit her grandparents, she said she wanted to learn. She would be baptized already but her Grandma doesn't want her to. (she was offended, hence the Less Active status) she was at Youth conference this last week, and she bore her testimony at the final testimony meeting, AND THEN SPOKE IN CHURCH!!! AS A NONMEMBER!!!

So yeah, She's awesome... (:

We have a couple investigators in Fallon, none of them are as cool as Lizzie though.

Elder Winsor and I are getting used to each other's teaching style, and we are starting to be able to work really well together, so expect to hear about miracles!

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