Friday, July 29, 2016

July 18, 2016

Aloha peoples! 
Another week in the paradise of Fallon, NV! If you recall I said that we cover the Fallon 6th ward, the Hawthorne ward, and the Gabbs Branch. I've told you a little bit about Hawthorne, and everything else has been about Fallon, yesterday I had the opportunity to see Gabbs. We usually hitch a ride from the high councilors when they go down there, so I spoke in sacrament meeting and it wasn't even hard! (of course Gabbs has only 16 active people in the branch and only 12 were there so that kinda kills the mood. But whatever.) 
Gabbs branch HQ

Gabbs is a teeny weeny town of 162 people, and the only reason it exists is the small magnesite mine (whatever magnesite is, I asked, they said it's in everything, so I still don't know...) On the way down we passed by one of Fallon's many curiosities, Sand mountain, We don't know why it's there, or how it got there, It's just, there. It's a hot spot for 4-wheelers and other atv's. 

While I was in Gabbs, Elder Winsor went to Hawthorne and taught Lizzy, Who CURRENTLY has a baptismal date set for Friday, so I'll let you know if that works out, her Grandma is still mad about it though. President told Elder Winsor that he needed a baptism before he goes home (which is in 9 days! But he's STILL not trunky!) and so it'll work out. Courtney is struggling being a single mom, she get's pretty bad anxiety too, so she's missed some of our meetings due to her recovering from dealing with her 15 month old all night. We're getting a little worried, but this has happened before.

Little Caesar's opened today! I'm so happy... We don't have any good cheap restaurants, and Y'all know how much I love Little Caesar's.

Until next week! Gerritt, my bro in new Caledonia, told me that I forgot to say this last week, so in honor of him, Stay righteous Y'all!

Ghetto Chimney, I see you there swamp cooler...

What else did you expect?

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