Friday, July 29, 2016

June 13, 2016

Hello everyone! Another awesome week in Reno. Transfer calls came, it turns out I'm going to be serving in the Fallon zone, which covers the two stakes in Fallon. What I've heard about Fallon, is it's basically a cowboy town. I'll be covering the Fallon 6th ward, the Hawthorne branch, and the Gabbs branch, My area is huge, it's way bigger than my last zone combined. I also heard that the work is really moving down there they are consistently having 7-14 baptisms every month. Get this My new address is:

 4730 Schurz Hwy Fallon, NV 89406

Yup, you read that right, Schurz Highway. They call the place I'll be living "The Shack." So yeah, I'll be living in a shack on the side of the Highway. I'm so excited!

Other than that, we basically have no one in our teaching pool, so we were out contacting a bunch this week. Steve has been super busy with his work so we weren't able to see him at all this week. We were able to talk to a lot of super awesome people.

We also were able to go to the Temple this week! It's awesome how much you can enjoy the spirit that is felt there so much more when you aren't able to go all the time. In the Reno Mission, we get to go only if we are in Reno or Sparks, and only every other transfer, so I was able to go twice my first three transfers. It's so evident when you are in there that the Temple truly is the house of God, and a little bit of heaven on Earth. It gave me a tremendous spiritual boost, and I felt God's love for me so strongly. I know that God was there, And I know that the Temple is the way we can get closer to God than any other way. Never take the temple for granted. We are so Blessed to have so many temples within a short drive of where we live.

Elder Stotts with Elder Corry

Until Next Time! Stay righteous!!!

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