Friday, July 29, 2016

June 20, 2016

I made it to Fallon in one piece! Sorta... There's a town about 30 min west of Fallon called Fernly (funny thing is, people in Reno call them Falabama and Ferntucky) Anyway, I was hitching a ride with a guy who was also getting transferred down there, and our new companions were together in Fallon. For whatever reason, we didn't have a phone or a GPS, so we were following the zone leaders down to Fernly because they were giving a ride to an elder and His trainee who were in a biking area in Fernly. When we got there, the Zone leaders called Our companions who needed to come to Fernly for whatever reason, so they told us to go to the Walmart and get our food for the week. We did... only issue, they thought we were in Fallon... the zone leaders left, our companions came to Fernly and left to go back to Fallon to pick us up at the Walmart there... Do you see where this is going? I hope so, Because I feel like I was rambling a bit... We were waiting until about 7:30 until we decided borrow a phone to call our mission president (a number I put into my planner a few days earlier per suggest from Elder Corry) So we got that figured out. Anyway, Fallon is More of a Farming town than anything else. I've included some pictures of our house and some pretty cool looking sunsets I wanted to ride off into. Elder Winsor, my new companion, actually was Elder Corry's MTC companion. and so he goes home at the end of this transfer, So I'm killing him! (not actually)

 He's been here for 3 transfers already, that's him in the inside picture of our house in the back. He's really awesome and I can't wait to see all the miracles we'll have this transfer!
This was a picture that was e-mailed to us from Steven's mission. 

Elder Winsor, companion

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