Tuesday, October 18, 2016

August 8, 2016

What's up everyone? If you ever thought your state was the wild west and your state wasn't Nevada, I'm happy to say that you were wrong. We have the sunsets to prove it. (:

And also a llama...

This week was awesome. Elder Sorenson has type 1 diabetes, so he trained me on how to save his life if he ever starts seizing during the night. Let's hope that never happens...

I FINALLY saw Randy with a shirt on, he's kinda like David in that regard. We decided that we will get the entire elder's quorum (or as many as we can get) to have a big service project to get him settled. This will let him get to know more guys from the ward and HOPEFULLY get him comfortable enough to go to church. His prior experience with any church was people who lived a different life at church than at home, they would party and do drugs and then come to church like nothing has happened. That made him lose his faith in churches as a whole.

For my personal study I have started to reread the Book of Mormon but with trying to understand how I can become a more powerful priesthood holder. If you remember elder Bednar's way of studying the Book of Mormon, that's what I'm trying to do. Through doing that, I have found that studying the Book of Mormon Invites the spirit much more than merely reading it. I have had ideas come into my mind when I read a specific verse that I never thought of before, even if I had read that verse 20 time before. Don't get me wrong, reading the Book of Mormon is awesome, you can learn so much from it. But when you study it, the Spirit can tell you what YOU need to do and the revelation is so much clearer. Now I understand why the Prophets and Apostles never say "Read the book of Mormon" rather "Study the book of Mormon"

Stay Righteous Y'all!!!

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