Tuesday, October 18, 2016

October 10, 2017

Hello everybody! I'm glad that Hurricane Matthew wasn't as bad as it could've been. Out here the weather was basically the same as it always is. But something interesting about the high desert is that there really isn't a spring or fall, it's like someone just flips a switch and It's summer/winter. That hasn't happened quite yet, but I can see it coming, the days are still hot, but the nights are getting colder.

The car was in the shop for a little longer that we first thought, hopefully we'll be able to get it back before Thursday. On the bright side, even though we can't go to morning program with the rest of the zone anymore, we've been getting plenty of exercise! Living 4 miles out of town and biking it 4-6 times a day in addition to all the biking we do in town, my Quads are feeling great! We also have been making some really good contacts while we're walking around in town. Handing out Copies of the Book of Mormon left and Right!

Chris has been going to church in Sun Valley for awhile because he drops off his son with his mother on Sundays, so he hasn't been able to come to our ward yet. He should be coming this Sunday though. I'm really grateful for this opportunity I have to teach him. I know he will get baptized soon.

That's our highlight reel for this week! I'm loving the book of Mormon more and more all the time, I can feel my testimony of it growing stronger and stronger every time I testify of it. Read it, then read it again, ponder it, Then Pray about it. It's true, it's the word of God! I feel it every time I read it!

Have a fantastic week!

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