Tuesday, October 18, 2016

September 26, 2016

What's up everyone? This week was fun. We met this one guy named Shawn, He had been taking the missionary lessons out in Reno, but for whatever reason he and the missionaries lost contact. He just moved out here to Fallon with his mom and brother. Quick aside, The water here in Fallon is questionable. It comes out the faucet slightly yellow and smells a little weird. Many years ago Fallon was a place where there was a high amount of cancer diagnoses (my guess is that everyone smokes here but whatever) they weren't sure what was causing the cancer on such a widespread scale, so they questioned the water (as does everybody), they couldn't figure out what was in the water that was causing it but they blamed it anyway (because there wasn't really anything else that they knew that could be the culprit), Because of that, the church doesn't want to take any chances and so they get bottled water to all the missionaries. That's a little bit about the water in Fallon. Because of that, Shawn didn't have any water and no money with which to buy it. Due to a shortage of missionaries there is an apartment that is usually filled that doesn't have any missionaries currently living in it, (it's in our area, so we go there for pit stops a lot) and they have like 15 5 gallon water bottles for theƂ  (normally with missionaries living there you only have 3 or 4 spare and that's PLENTY), so we grabbed some and gave them to him. 

We also got a new bishopric yesterday, the new bishop, Bishop Skabelund, was in the stake presidency that just got released (the reason we need a new bishop) so he's awesome! I know him as one of the most missionary minded people on the planet, he was ward mission leader for a year before he was called to the stake presidency where he served for a year. So it's gonna be fun!
We're excited to start teaching Shawn and his family and Chris is doing good with quitting tobacco! It's gonna be a fun week!

Here's a couple random pictures 


I love Fallon sunsets, they look like sunrises in Africa

When your meat won't thaw...

Part 2 (We got 2 letters today, since we didn't get one last week!)

Hello everyone! Sorry for not sending anything last week, I dun messed up and forgot to hit send, So now you get 2 this week! 
I love being a missionary, although sometimes it's terribly frustrating when you have to sort through tons of people who are definitely NOT interested in order to find the 2 or 3 "pineapples" as the assistants called them last zone conference. Being the most visible part of the church is awesome and slightly less awesome at the same time. You get members honking at you when you're riding a bike, and you get anti's yelling profanity and other undesirable comments at you as they drive by. Ahh missionary work, gotta love it!!! But you also get to see people change and start to accept the gospel, and when that happens, the spirit is so strong! Such an experience is happening with Chris. He loves coming to lessons, but for the last couple weeks he hasn't been able to come to church for one reason or another, and all the reasons have to do with someone going to the hospital. The first week his boss got sick and so he had to cover all the work on the farm where he works. The next week his son did something to his knee and he stayed up with him almost all night. Satan's working hard to keep him from coming, but he'll pull through. I know he will. Chris has also said that he's trying to figure out which path on this "Crossroads" as he put it. Whether he wants to do the Indian thin, or the Normal Christian thing, or the Mormon thing. The spirit is definitely working super hard on him, he feels the spirit every time we meet. I think we're going to be focusing on the book of Mormon a lot, specifically what it means for him. 
That's an update from this last week. 
Till next week!

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