Monday, October 24, 2016

October 24, 2016

What's up everybody! First week in sparks and I stumbled into a baptism! So that's a total of 4 baptism just this week! Their names were Ed and Dee E., they had been taking the lessons for 6 years on and off, and they just got baptized on saturday! So, needless to say, this has been an awesome week.


We had one of the members bring their friend to the baptism and feeling the spirit so strong, she decided she wants to be baptized as well!!!!

I love Sparks...

Other than that, my new area is a lot like South Meadows and Foothill, with sort of an upper middle class feel to it. one of the biggest differences is that a couple months ago, the Sparks stake was split, and all the wards were realigned. so both wards are really new with completely different leadership and everything, so both are awesome and excited wards in regard to missionary work. Once again, my Sundays are super long, with Red Hawk meeting at 9 in one building, and then Spanish Springs meets at 1 in another building across town, neither of which are in the east stake... But having gone to church with them, I can say that these wards are super awesome! When the split happened I swear they took the most awesome members in the area and stuck them in these two wards.

Well that's about it! Until next week!
Stay Obedient Y'all!

When I asked if he had received the package we sent the week before transfers, this is the reply he sent:

No, I didn't get it, so I'll probably see it sometime next month... Sparks is awesome! Elder Carpenter and I were both trained by Elder Corry, so that means we're Half brothers! 
Just for future notice, transfers are every 6 weeks on a Tuesday, so six weeks from six days ago will be another transfer, just for future notice that is a hazardous time to send stuff.
As for Christmas? I've been needing a new watch ever since mine lost the thing that holds the flappy thing broke...
It only ever feels like spring here, it gets "chilly" but never cold, not like MN anyway.
Here's some pictures from my week!
Last picture with Elder Sorenson with Mimi and Aniah who were baptized.

First picture with new companion Elder Carpenter? He didn't label it.

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