Tuesday, October 18, 2016

October 3, 2016

Hello everyone! I hope you conference weekend was awesome! Elder Sorenson and I watched it at one of the Sorensens, The family that we live by. I loved so many talks so much, I am especially grateful that our car has a usb drive and I can listen to them all over again, along with like 800 other talks I have collected over the weeks... although that will have to wait a couple days since right after this we are taking our car into the shop. A couple months ago, Elder Sorenson accidentally gouged the side of the car against a low hanging wall about shin high. Our vehicle coordinator Elder Hammond (Who's super awesome btw) told us we need to get it fixed, so we are going to be on bikes for the next 3-4 days! Hooray!!

Chris wasn't able to come to conference, which is sad, but we'll be working with him. He had a seizure from withdrawal from chew tobacco (he gets those every so often, Cerebral palsy) so his doctor said to cut down slowly, so he got some different chew which is better for you, but he won't go through withdrawal pains as bad.

This week was a week of service, we had 9 hours this week, the most I've ever had in one week yet. We helped someone move, waxed and buffed a car, bucked hay, and got a Papa Murphy’s pizza we ate before priesthood session on Saturday (which was awesome!)

That's about it for this week! Stay righteous Y'all!

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