Saturday, April 22, 2017

February 20, 2017

Hello everyone! This week was a little slower due to elder Davis and I getting strep throat from our zone leaders. so we recovered from that. Elder Davis had it way worse than I did so once we got on antibiotics I was good to go, But elder Davis was out of it. 

Well, we both survived transfers, so it looks like elder Davis and I will be having another 6 week party, I'm really glad we stayed together, we've been getting along very well and I truly have learned a lot from him, and we have seen tons of miracles together. We'll see what the next 6 weeks brings!

Tana, the pineapple we found last week has been going through some tough times. she broke her back at work this week, and her son's fiance' broke off their engagement all this last week. We can tell that Satan definitely doesn't want her to investigate the church. But the opposition she's facing also gives us hope, It tells me that she is a very powerful spirit and will do a lot of damage to the adversary's kingdom. I know she will be able to push through it. 

Then on Sunday some guy kinda bore his testimony rather than saying the closing prayer. It really caught me off guard... oh well, one of those things that just proves people are crazy here!

Stay righteous y'all!

Here's a pictue of a HUGE mining truck from far away. it's in a little town called Ruth about 5 miles from Ely. We saw a semi carrying the wheels for these bad boys today, they were easily 12 feet tall, JUST the wheels. 

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