Saturday, April 22, 2017

January 30, 2017

Hello Everyone! This was truly another fantastic week. We had a worldwide missionary broadcast where they shook some things up like our daily schedule, we are now going to be planning for our day in the morning, at least the rest of the world is going to now, President Chesnut told us a week before the broadcast, so we've been living the new schedule for awhile now. We had zone conference in Elko, so we drove up on Thursday and stayed with some elders there, it was fun to be able to see elder Carpenter again (He's my half-Brother, in mission lingo, and also one of my past companions, that was a fun transfer), as well as a lot of other missionaries I've served around during the last year. Since we are 3 hours from the nearest Walmart, President let us go there after zone conference, we then ate dinner at the Costa Vida (also the only one for three hours) and then made the three hour drive back to Ely. Sometimes I like being literally in the middle of nowhere, sometimes it can be a little lonely, but the Ely zone is a really close knit zone because of it. We also had interviews yesterday during church, and since president didn't have anything to do for the rest of the day before he drove 5 hours back to Reno he came to sacrament meeting to hear my talk! I love President and sister Chesnut! 

The biggest miracle we had this week, The Jacobisins were able to come to shift sacrament meeting! (since the biggest employer here in Ely is the copper mine, and the miners have crazy 12 hour shifts that aren't the same from week to week, the Ely stake set up a shift for the workers who have the Day shift on Sunday that meets at 6:30pm) I was pretty disappointed when they didn't show up for sacrament, especially when we had a lesson with them earlier that day. But after church got out we saw them! they told us that after the lesson, Brother Jacobisin went back to sleep, and sister Jacobisin wasn't there for the lesson, so they slept through church, but sister Jacobisin knew the importance of coming to church to partake of the sacrament, so she came to Shift sacrament with her kids. She is definitely the driving force that will get their kids baptized. The kid's names are Jayden (8), Saybree (9), and Gavin (10). They're getting baptized in 12 days!!!

Well that's just about it for this week, 
Stay righteous Y'all!

P.S. Just in case you wanted to send me a letter, we don't actually have a mailbox, we see the other missionaries in our zone every day, so send letters to their address: 1144 Avenue D, Ely, Nevada 89301

-I love the Icicles here!

-Elder Carpenter and I

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