Saturday, April 22, 2017

February 6, 2017

Hello again! I'm having fun chilling out here in Ely. I'm starting to really love it here. The people are awesome, and there are many humble people here who are trying to improve their lives. Drugs are a major problem here. It seems that everyone here has either used drugs, had a family member who used/uses drugs, or has a friend who used/uses drugs. Ely being a small town, drugs are one of the plagues that this town has. The church has a big presence here, with only 4,000 or so people there are 3 wards, and about half the Ely Stake is in Ely. Easily a third of the people here are LDS. Not all of them active. So we have a lot of ground to cover. President Fullmer said that back when Ely was a young town, people came from Utah to hide from the church, so many people here have some Relatives or ancestors that were part of the church. So there is a lot of work to be done.

There are a couple big things that happened this week. First, Elder Davis and I went to Utah! I can Finally say that I've served my mission in Utah. Don't worry, we didn't leave mission boundaries (although we took a wrong turn and almost went to the Las Vegas west mission... But we didn't!) We cover the Garrison Branch which is about .1 miles into Utah. It's really funny because elder Davis is from cedar city, which is about 3 hours closer than Reno.

The other Big things that happened... The Jakubisins passed their baptismal interviews! They’re getting baptized on Saturday!!! And another part member family we are working with, The Kelly's, we were able to set with a baptismal date for March 18th! They're all progressing and are ready to make this change in their lives! It's been a super exciting week!

That's about it for this week,

Stay righteous Y'all!

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