Saturday, April 22, 2017

March 6, 2017

I've got to say the hardest adjustment I've had on my mission definitely is to the weather. I'm used to a winter that goes from late November to the end of March, but Nevada winters are way different than Minnesota winters. They go anywhere from December to April with little bits of spring sprinkled throughout it. I'm used to once it starts to warm up I don't need to wear a sweater anymore. There is a snow pile outside our apartment, it was almost gone, twice! And then it dumped snow again. We had temperatures in the 50s! And then snow comes to ruin the party... oh well...
Life is good out here. We found a couple new investigators in the form of unbaptized kids who are excited to start taking the lessons. One of them, whose name is Donovan, came to a baptism that happened on Saturday. He's a wild 10 year old, but he wants to be baptized, we just need to get Mom more excited about it, she'll come around eventually. They always do...

The Church is true, the book is Blue, Just ask Jesus He's a Mormon Too!

Stay Righteous Y'all!

-Bi-polar winter

-I found a note from one of my former companions who used to be in this area!

-Oh deers

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